675 Homeless in Durham | GRAPHIC

The annual nationwide Point-in-Time count is an effort to measure the number of homeless individuals across the United States. The count is conducted on the same night across the country because of the transient lifestyle many homeless people lead. The count relies on shelters and outreach workers to report the number of people who are sleeping in a shelter or outside that night.

In 2010, 675 people in Durham County, were counted as homeless. This number does not include people who might have sought refuge with friends or family on one of the coldest nights of the winter. For example, Carl Bittner was not counted in 2010 as being homeless, because that night he was sleeping on his friend’s couch in order to avoid getting frostbite again.

While the numbers included in the Point-in-Time count are true and provide a basis on which aid is distributed to those in need, they do not portray the full scope of homelessness in Durham.